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How to automatically brand and blind resumes in Crelate

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The Resume Toolbox feature allows you to quickly create a copy of a resume with some or all of the following changes:

Scrub a resume

  • Redacting the name and contact details of the candidate

  • Removing document metadata (e.g., document author, company, etc.)

  • Inserting your own custom branded header at the top of each page

To use the Resume toolbox, click the menu next to a resume document, and click Resume Toolbox. After running the Resume Toolbox on a resume, a new edited copy of the resume will appear on the same contact record. This setting is available to Business customers and must be enabled by an account administrator (More on how to enable this feature).

The Resume toolbox is also available from the Resume viewer, and from the document viewer dialog.

This will then create a new file and copy of that resume.


What is Supported?

  • The Resume Toolbox can only be run on Microsoft Word documents and PDFs (either .doc, .docx, or .pdf)

  • The Resume Toolbox is only available on documents with a document type of “Resume”

What's Next?

Still need to enable this feature? Or looking to automatically implement this redacted resume in a submittal or in your client portal? Check out our content below!

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