Sponsoring a Job to Dice

How to sponsor a job using your Dice account

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In Crelate, you'll have the ability to connect your Dice account and then choose which jobs you'd like to sponsor given your available job slots. The process will begin by connecting your Dice account and can be continued on a job by job basis for determining sponsorship.

To start, navigate to Settings | Integrations and Connect your Dice account

To then sponsor a post, navigate to that job and select Publish and then scroll select Post Now for Sponsor this job post on premium job boards.

From there, in the Sponsored Job menu, you should see a selection for Dice Membership. This should give you a tally of how many slots you have remaining and how many slots this position will utilize.

After selecting, move the slider to Yes and then Purchase below.

Once completed, you'll be able to view Dice as the sponsored option and can always add more or remove that posted position from taking up a Dice job slot.

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