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What Are Braintree and Chargify?
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Braintree and Chargify are systems we use to provide secure credit card processing for our customers. Crelate never touches your Credit Card information; instead we rely on companies that routinely and securely handle credit card transactions.

We routinely interact with Chargify to get information about payment status and make sure that our customers’ subsriptions are set up and billed properly. If you use our billing portal to download statements, that’s powered by Chargify too.

We rarely interact with Braintree. Chargify handles that for us, by submitting payments for processing through Braintree.

You may sometimes have a charge on your credit card statement from Braintree. This is because how some credit cards handle the statement from the processor. Usually this information gets replaced with our company name and the charge should show up as “Crelate, Inc.” but that doesn’t always happen right away, and your credit card company will use “Braintree” as a placeholder until then. More on this topic at

Sometimes, especially for certain cards like AMEX and Discover, in order to validate your card, our payment processor has to send a real transaction. It handles this by billing your card $1, which it will immediately void. Sometimes it can take a few days for the void to process though, so you will see the $1 charge in the meantime.

One other note - if you have a charge from Braintree that doesn't make sense to you, and you are not our customer, it probably isn't us.

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