Creating up a Zap
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Setting up a Zap

To begin the process of creating a Zapier account, please navigate to the link provided to: Setup Zapier Account. For information on what Zapier is, you may follow the link here: What is Crelate's Zapier Integration? You may view all integration partners here: Zapier Integration Options on their web page.

Please note: For additional Zapier related troubleshooting and any assistance setting up a Zap, please contact Zapier Support for further assistance.

1. To create your first Zap, we recommend utilizing our 'Zapier Starter Guide' to begin the process. This can be accessed via the 'Integrations' menu shown below.


2. You'll have the option to select the link shown below to Crelate's Zapier App to add a new Zap or select from our pre-made options by selecting 'Use this Zap.'


3. If creating a new Zap, you will start by selecting your trigger and then continuing to 'Save + Continue'


4. The next screen will prompt you to connect your account which will then require an API Key. To manage your API Key, select your navigation menu and select "Your Profile & Preferences"

Next, navigate to your API Access section.


5. After entering your API Key, you may continue to the next step and select the action app you'd like to connect with Crelate.


6. With your app selected, choose the action and then 'Save + Continue.' (Please note, each app's action items may differ, at Crelate we have no control over which action items another app makes available)


7. You'll need to link your account (in this case, Google) with Zapier and then you may again 'Save + Continue.'


8. You'll want to fill out any REQUIRED fields in order to complete your Zap. In this instance, we would link up the correct Spreadsheet, Worksheet and Row by using the drop down arrows. Once your row is selected, you may choose which information entered into Crelate would update on our Google Sheets.


9. You may then test, name and complete your Zap.


Pausing Triggers in Crelate

There may be some cases where you would want to pause your zap, such as bulk importing or updating contacts, to prevent a multitude of triggers firing off. The best way to pause your zap is to turn it off in the Zapier dashboard console. Your Zap Manager can be found in the Zaps tab.


Admins in Crelate can also pause triggers from the Crelate app by going to the API Management tab in their Advanced Settings. This tab shows all users who have an active API key and any triggers registered to them.

In User's Webhooks, click on the row of the trigger you would like to pause. When the selected row is highlighted, click configure to toggle the trigger on or off, the status of the trigger should be reflected in the Status column. If you have paused a trigger in Crelate, be sure to turn it back on when you're ready for Zapier to listen to your triggers again.

Zapier Limitations

Zapier is a good solution for lightweight and one way events such as "if this happens in A then make this happen in B". Zapier cannot import or export pre-existing items and Zapier doesn't handle two-way syncing.

Zapier Help Links

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