What is Crelate's Zapier Integration?
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What is Zapier?

Zapier allows you to integrate Crelate with over 3,000 web services to perform lightweight automated tasks. Using triggers and actions, Zapier can help to automate components of your Crelate workflow.

To begin the process, please navigate to the link provided to: Setup Zapier Account. Additionally, to begin creating a Zap with Crelate, please use the link here to find our: Crelate Zapier Connection. For information on creating a Zap, follow the link here: Creating a Zap. You may view all integration partners here: Zapier Integration Options on their web page.

Available Triggers - Triggers are events that occur in one app

  • New Contact

  • New Job

  • New Company

  • Updated Contact

  • Updated Job

  • Updated Company

Triggers can be configured to fire on the creation, deletion and update on the selected entity.

Available Actions- Actions are the events Zapier automatically performs in another app

  • Create Contact

  • Create Company

  • Create Job

  • Create Task

  • Create Note

  • Update Contact

  • Update Company

  • Update Job

Update actions will require a Crelate Id in order to know which record to update. This can either be hard coded into the Zap, kept as an external Id in the trigger app or retrieved from a search step with one of the following search methods:

Available Searches

  • Find Job

  • Find Contact

  • Find Company

You can attempt to find a record in Crelate via name, email, Crelate Id or External Id. For information on creating a Zap, follow the link here: Creating a Zap.

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