Automated Ownership Expiration
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Crelate allows you to set an expiration to a contact owner. Enabling this feature will give you the capability to create a rule to automatically remove ownership of a contact record after a period of your choosing.

To enable this feature, please Contact our Team as this feature is in BETA for our Business plan.

Once enabled, you may go to Settings | (Under Advanced)Automation | Clear Ownership Rule

**Please note** Any contact that has not had any activity at all will also be affected. So a contact whose "last activity" date is null or blank will also have its owner field cleared.

This will not affect newly created records until after the specified number of days. Ie. If the duration is 90 days, then a new contact will not have its owner removed until after 90 days even if there was not activity logged within that original 90-day time frame.

To alter the settings of this feature, select the magnifying glass. From there, you may make your selection as to which field you'd like to utilize regarding the expiration of a record owner.

What's next?

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