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How to bulk tag, assign record ownership, delete, add to job/list and submitting to a client

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Crelate gives you the option to alter records in bulk. This article will discuss the following options:

If you have questions about how to highlight or select these contacts, you may view our article here: Selecting Multiple Candidates

You can bulk edit records from the Jobs Tab, Company Tab, Contacts Tab, Search, as well as from the job dashboard.

When you bulk select records, you will see at the top of the page “# selected contacts/opportunities/companies” When you click that tab, you will be presented with all your options to bulk edit.

1. Bulk Tag:

Click bulk tag when you are trying to add or delete the same tag to multiple records. After clicking bulk tag, you will be presented with a pop up box. If you have created custom tag categories, you will have the option to add tags to each of your custom categories. By sliding the green bar to add or remove, you are selecting whether you will be adding or removing the tags below. After typing in or selecting the tags you want to add/remove, click OK. Note: You may tag up to 200 contacts at once in bulk.

2. Bulk Reassign:

Click reassign when you are trying to assign or place an owner to multiple contacts, companies, or jobs. If you click Switch to Advanced Mode, you will have the option to remove a user as an owner from multiple records and/or add a user as an owner to multiple records.

3. Bulk Set Type:

Bulk Type allows you to set contact records as candidate or client contacts in bulk.

4. Bulk Editing Custom Fields:

Bulk Editing Custom Fields allows you to edit multiple records with custom fields at one time.

5. Bulk Delete:

Bulk Delete allows you to delete multiple records at one time. Please be sure you want to delete all the selected records before you delete!

6. Bulk Add To Job:

Bulk Add to Job allows you to add multiple contacts to a job. When candidates are added to the job you select, they will be added to the first stage in your job workflow process.

7. Bulk Add to List:

Bulk Add to List allows users to add contacts/companies/jobs to a list they have created or or will create on the fly. After a list is created, you will be able to always access this list by clicking the “All Contacts” drop down in the top left hand corner (this drop down could also be “All Recent Contacts”, “Candidates”, “My Recent Contacts”, "Customers", "All Companies", "Active Companies", "Inactive Companies", "All Jobs", "Open Jobs", "Closed Jobs") and selecting the list you want to view

8. Bulk Submit to Job:

Bulk Submit to Job allows users the ability to submit multiple contacts to a job. After selecting the job you would like to submit these contacts for, users are presented with their submittal template email. Users can edit the email if they would like before it is sent off.

9. Bulk Editing the Label Column:

The Label Column is a free-text field that can be used on the Recruiting Workflow when in List View.

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