Through our partnership with Office 365, you'll have the ability to edit documents within Crelate. Should you need to touch up a candidates resume or add your logo as a header, you'll have the ability to do so directly within Crelate without needing to separately download, edit, and then upload.

To edit a document in Crelate, you'll first need to enable that within the Settings | Documents section of Crelate. You'll need to slide that toggle to Yes and then save and refresh your browser.

**Please note** you will need to be an Office 365 customer in order to utilize this feature.


To edit a document in Crelate, you'll need to slide out the resume on a contact's profile. In step 2 below, you'll want to select Edit to alter that document.

That will open a new tab with the live document to edit.

After making an edit, you'll see a 'Saved to Crelate' notification above when that change is complete.

**Please Note** As you make these changes live, this document may take time to fully propagate as it presumes you may still be editing that document. You'll be prompted with a notification that this document is still in 'edit mode.'

To finalize a completed change, please close the document tab. You may need to give that contact profile a quick refresh (see screen shot #2 below) to fully display those changes.

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