Creating a Custom Opportunity
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In Crelate, as a Business customer, you'll have the capability to create a custom opportunity. If you haven't already, please consider reading our Best Practices guide for more information on Opportunity types.

Navigating to Settings | Core Record | Jobs & Opportunities you may first need to Enable in order to create a new opportunity type.

From there, selecting the plus sign will allow you to create a new opportunity type.

The intention here is to allow users to create custom opportunity types to more easily manage unique sales and recruiting opportunities. Each opportunity type can have a unique Main Form as well as Placement Form.

It's very likely you'll want the vastly different fields to enter when creating a Job vs a Consulting opportunity for example. For a job, you're very likely to need Job Title, Fee %, Salary, etc while a Consulting opportunity may have Scope, Hourly Rate, among others. You may Customize the Main Form to build your unique fields for each type.

The Placement Form (Creating a Placement Form) can also be adjusted for each type. This will give users the flexibility to have a specific form catered for each type (ie. permanent placement, contract to hire, hourly, etc).

What's Next?

For more information about Opportunity types, check out our best practices guide below!

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