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Below is the flow of how privacy/GDRP related requests may occur. We have also created a unique GDPR Management video as well as an in depth explanation of the GDPR settings area as well!

For a full discussion on GDPR, please view our website here:

A candidate navigates to a customer's job portal page, goes to the privacy page, and then submits a request, "Hi, I'm John Smith, I would like to see all the data you have on me". The organization receives this request and will view it in the Compliance Data Quality View in Settings (Only Admins have access to this). From there, the organization can read the message and then mark it for completion once it's finished.

Settings: (Admins Only) | Compliance | GDPR Requests

This tab has 4 new grid views:

1. New Requests - Requests from the Portal will show here. If a contact chooses to Opt-Out using the opt-out link, a request to be Deleted will also appear here.

You can click on "View Details" to see the details of the row in it's own dialog and mark it for completion.

โ€‹2. Completed Requests - A log of requests you've marked for completion starting with the most recent

3. Contacts with Consent - A list of all the contacts in your system who we have recorded consent for

4. Contacts without Consent - A list of all the contacts in your system who we do not have recorded consent for. You can 'Send a Request' for consent from here and if the contact has a primary email address on file, a request for consent will be sent. If no email is on file, you may click on the row and the 'edit contact dialog' will appear for you to fill out the form.

Advanced Find On Contacts - Consent Status - You can also see contacts with/without consent using the advanced find tool for contacts

Accepted for contacts with consent, rejected for contacts who have requested to be deleted and None for no consent on file. This will provide an easy way for users to quickly sort out contacts who don't have consent and bulk email them with the consent link.

What's Next?

Looking for more information on GDPR management? Or want to know more about EEOC and OFCCP compliance tracking? Check out our content below!

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