What is Two Factor Authentication?

Two Factor (sometimes called two-step) Authentication provides an extra layer of security when you log in to confirm it's actually you. In Crelate, you can use your confirmed email address or phone number as the second step in your login process. If Two Factor Authentication is enabled, after providing the correct email and password, you will be asked where you would like your verification code sent. After the code has been sent, you provide the code you just received from your phone or email to complete the login process.

Turning Two Factor On/Off for your Organization

Organization wide two factor settings can be located in the Advanced Security tab in Advanced Settings. Admins can adjust the two factor settings so that it is completely disabled for any user (Off), enabled for setup by individual users (Enabled) or required upon login for every user (Required).

If an admin chooses to require Two Factor Authentication, this change will be enforced the next time a user in the org logs back in. In the case where a user does not have a phone number or email confirmed the next time they log in and the org setting is "Required", they will be prompted to set up two factor authentication upon login.

Resetting Two Factor for a User

Admins can use the User tab under Basic Set Up to see which users have two factor enabled, if their email has been confirmed and what phone number they are using. If two factor is Enabled on an org, admins can turn off two factor for a user by clicking the Reset Two Factor button. This can be handy in case a particular user no longer has access to their phone or email and needs to log back in without it.

Setting up Two Factor in 'My profile'

Individual set up and configuration can be found in the My Profile tab in Personal Settings. If Two Factor Authentication is turned "Off" completely for your org, the settings for two factor will not show. Two Factor Authentication requires at least a confirmed email of phone number to send a verification code to. If your email has not been confirmed or a phone number has not been given, two factor authentication will not be enforced.

Two Factor Authentication is Business feature in Crelate.

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