Creating a Tracked Activity
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A Tracked Activity in Crelate will allow you to set recommendations within each workflow stage in regards to what activities you would like to accomplish prior to moving an applicant to the next stage.

To create a tracked activity, you may navigate to Settings | Recruiting Workflows. Once there, you may select the stage you'd like to set up a Tracked Activity and then select the Configure option below.

Once selected, you may then select the (+) sign to add your activity. You'll need to have an activity first prior to selecting this option. For more on creating activities, please SEE HERE.

You may select more than one activity as well as arrange activities in order by using the up and down arrows pictured below.

Once complete, you may return to a job dashboard to select a candidate and view the Tracked Activities to the right hand side.

Activities in RED will indicate they have not yet been completed while GREEN will indicate completion.


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