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Filtering and Sending a Campaign from Job Dashboard
Filtering and Sending a Campaign from Job Dashboard
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This article will discuss:

  • Email Campaign Job Dashboard Filters

  • Job Dashboard Campaign Generation

Email Campaign Job Dashboard Filters

Within a job dashboard, you have several visual options through filters and quick filters tiles to narrow the focus of your job search. For more assistance on quick filter tiles, please navigate to our link HERE.

First, through quick filter tiles, you will be able to create a view on your job dashboard or home page, that limits the contacts you're seeing to those who have been sent a campaign, what the status of that campaign is, and if they have engaged at all with that campaign. This can be done both via quick filter tiles (see image 1) as well as in a list view (see image 2).

This will more effectively allow you to manage your pipeline based on who has not only received but also engaged with your email campaign. Perhaps, I've just recently sent out a campaign and I quickly want to return to that job to sort based on who has opened that email. These filters and views will allow for you to quickly target your most engaged potentially place-able candidates.

Job dashboard campaign generation

From your job dashboard, we've also created an easier experience to create new email campaigns. The benefit here is, without leaving my job dashboard, I may generate and send a campaign to my contacts. This will allow you to select large groups of candidates on a stage by stage basis to easily generate a new email campaign.

What's Next?

If you would like to explore more ways to send email campaigns, would like to purchase higher limits or would like to get set up, check out our content below!

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