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How to View your Campaign limits
How to View your Campaign limits
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There are two ways in which you can view your campaign limits:

Of note, limits are for the org, not per user.

1. The first way is by navigating directly into your 'Campaigns' tab on the left-hand side of your Crelate screen. From here, you may navigate to the top right-hand corner where you will be able to see your daily emails sent along with your daily limit. Additionally, you may hover over the blue information icon to see where you are for your monthly ratio email count and limit.

2. The second way to view your Campaign limits is directly through your 'Subscription' in Settings. You may navigate to Settings>> Overview where you may scroll down and view your daily/monthly ratios of sent emails and limits.

What's Next?

Need to purchase higher limits? See below for how to add email campaigns to your subscription.

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