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A BCC is a "Blind Carbon Copy" on an email. In Crelate, if you have not set up Email Journaling enabled (A very much recommended practice!), this can provide an alternative solution.

Your account administrator may find your BCC address by following the instructions below:

When drafting an email, if you do BCC this address, that will copy that email over to the recipient's profile in your database. **Please note** this contact MUST be a contact in your Crelate database in order for this email to copy to their profile.

The BCC feature differs from email journaling as it is not an automated process. This is something that will need to be added to an email prior to sending in order to copying the message. In addition, email journaling will capture both outbound AND inbound email traffic. With a BCC, that will only copy emails that you are sending. Granted, that will copy the entire chain of email messages so that a reply will be discover-able so long as you've replied to that contact using your BCC address.

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