There are various ways to get your contacts into Crelate. One of the most efficient ways its to forward the contact or resume by sending it to your org email.

You can find out what your personal org email is by visiting Settings. You will see in the top, right half of your screen a .net email address.

When you forward a resume to this email, Crelate parses the resume and creates a new contact in the system.

If you have a candidate's resume and you think they'd be perfect for a specific job, you can also send an email that would create them as a new contact while also putting the directly into that specific job's workflow.

To do this, you will need to forward the contact to the job's specific email address, which can be found by viewing the full job in Crelate.

Once you email the resume, the contact will appear in that job's workflow. You will notice that this contact will have a red triangle in the top left corner of the candidate tile. When selecting this candidate, a window will appear on the right where you can choose either approve, reject, or block the contact.

Approving the contact will both create the new contact and keep them in this specific job work flow. Rejecting the contact will remove them from the work flow, but will keep them as a contact in the system. Blocking the contact removes them from the system entirely. More on Managing your Intake.

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