Creating Job Dashboard Views
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On the job dashboard in Crelate, you'll be able to configure and create your own filters and views. Through the use of a variety of filters, each user will be able to create a customized dashboard experience. As an account administrator, you may also set a system view that all users can have access to. This article will highlight the variety of ways with which you may customize your job dashboard experience.

By default, you will have the ability to view preset quick filters tiles as well as configure which tiles display on your dashboard.

After selecting a filter, that will limit the scope of your view below by only those activities that have been selected. To remove that filter, you may unselect the green tile or select Remove Filter as show below:

To set and create your own filters, you may use the cog wheel in the top-right hand corner. From there, you may select from preexisting filters or create your own:

You'll also have the capability to use the 'filter' drop down to quickly sort and organize candidates within that job's dashboard view.

Further, you are able to create visual display preferences. You may alter your view from a Tile > List, arrange how large or small the tiles can be, as well as change your sorting and grouping preferences.

What's Next?

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