Creating Quick Filter Tiles

How to create and utilize quick filter tiles in your views

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You also have the ability to add Quick Filter Tiles. The tiles will always appear at the top of your Workflow, and clicking them quickly turns that filter on or off. To create a Quick Filter Tile, click the Configure Quick Filter Tiles text directly under the Filters box. You will see what tiles you currently have for this view of the workflow. Click the green + icon to create a new one.

Options will appear for the type of Quick Filter Tile you would like to create. Select your filter type.

There are options for the Filter Name and Icon you would like to use on your new custom filter tile. You can also drag the tile in the options window and drop to change the order in which the tiles appear


Click OK to save. You now have a Quick Filter Tile that you can select and deselect to filter items on the workflow.

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