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Go Daddy Email Campaign Set Up
Go Daddy Email Campaign Set Up
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Below is a set up list containing step-by-step guides on configuring your Domain Name Server (DNS) to enable email campaigns.

**Please Note** For assistance in the setup of email campaigns beyond the instructions listed below, please connect with your DNS provider directly. Crelate does not directly assist in the setup of your DNS provider and relies on the experts at each given vendor.

Should you have any issues with setup, simply navigate to your settings to copy the 3 records to share with your DNS vendor.

1. First, on your Go Daddy home page, you'll want to select your name and then choose "Manage Domains" or navigate to the following URL:


2. Next, you'll want to navigate to DNS and "Manage Zones."


3. From there, select or search for your domain.

4. Next, in your Crelate settings area, you'll want to navigate to "Email Campaign" to add your domain name by selecting the (+) sign.

Enter your domain and select "Add Domain."

With that complete and having already logged into your DNS, you'll be able to select the check boxes to move forward to steps 4, 5 and 6.

5. Add or edit your SPF record. Typically, your DNS may already have and SPF record such as:

  • v=spf1 - all

  • In this instance simply into that existing SPF record to look like the below:

  • v=spf1 - all

Or, if no such record exists, add via the screen shot below:


6. In Go Daddy, you'll want to edit the existing CNAME record.


7. Add DKIM (as a Type=TXT) as a new record by copying and pasting the text from step 4 (the add DKIM). In Go Daddy, scrolling down to the bottom of the page, you'll see the "Add" option below. That will allow you to choose your "Type." The "Host" in Go Daddy will be reflected as the "Name" that you see in Crelate. The "Value" will be similarly titled "Value" in the email settings in Crelate. You may copy the text over from Crelate to the appropriate field in Go Daddy. Please make sure to save your changes when complete.

8. Return to Crelate and navigate to Settings >> Email Campaign to verify the added records.

**Please Note** The length of verification varies by DNS and may take up to 24-48 hours to process.

9. Once verified, you must then add yourself and your team as campaign senders. Refer here to complete that process. **Please Note** this may only be completed after your DNS is verified.

What's Next?

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