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In this article, we'll highlight some of the features offered via the RingCentral integration through Crelate. The extension will be offered to Crelate Business customers.

For initial set up on the integration, you may navigate to this link: Enabling up your RingCentral Integration

Outbound Calls

For outbound calls from the contact profile, you'll be allowed to select either call to option shown below to prompt your extension to place an outbound call.

This behavior can also be mimicked in any list view where upon selecting the number, your extension will automatically trigger to place a call.

These calls will also automatically log on the contact's profile. If you'd like to edit notes on the logged activity, simply double click to open the activity dialogue.

Inbound Calls

When a contact in your database calls in, you'll notice even if they're not a contact in your RingCentral, at the bottom of your extension, you'll have the option to 'view that contact.' This will need to match on the phone number that they have in Crelate in order to prompt that dialogue. We'll also have more below if that contact is NOT in your database.

You'll also want to ensure that you Allow microphone access in order successfully take a call.

After answering that call, you'll still be able to navigate to their contact record or 'edit call activity.' This will allow you to track the call as well as log the details of that event as shown below.

From there, after saving your notes, those will display directly on that contact's profile.

If a contact calls in and is NOT in your database, you'll have the option both prior to AND after answering the call to create that record.

What's Next?

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