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Adding Attachments to Campaign Emails
Adding Attachments to Campaign Emails

Can I add attachments to email campaigns?

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Can I add an attachment to an email campaign?


We will often receive questions regarding attachments and their usage in email campaigns. However, sending an attachment via an email campaign can cause negative ramifications to the email and decrease the likelihood the email reaches the recipient. As a result, it is not possible to add attachments to your campaign. We do however have several alternative methods of sending out an attachment, (or linking to a file) in bulk.

Email attachments are often used by spammers to hide viruses or other malware and as a result, increase the likelihood of those emails going to spam. Additionally, attached files can slow the receipt of the mailer and can cause bounces from email boxes with low size limits.

As a result, Crelate recommends two alternative options for sending attachments in bulk.

1. The first option is to share your file within that campaign as a link to a landing page. This allows the size of your email to become greatly reduced while allowing the user to select the link at their discretion. This avoids a potential automatic download scenario that may occur from an attachment.

  • To link a file, you'll want to host that file online via your web server. Typically, this will be done through Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer or another similar service.

  • From there, you may create the landing page in order to link that to a file.

2. The second option is to send a bulk mail as opposed to a campaign. See the link here on sending bulk email: Sending Bulk Email. Because bulk emails are limited to 200 per send, this may increase your likelihood of having the recipient receive that email successfully with an attachment. Please visit the link here: Sending a Bulk Email vs Sending a Campaign? for more information on the differences between a campaign and a bulk email.

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