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How to send text messages and utilize text message templates

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This article will detail sending and receiving text messages.

To send an SMS for the first time, navigate to a contact record. **Please note** SMS messages can only be sent to a "Mobile" number. To adjust this, simply select the number type below to edit.

Next, selecting the paper arrow icon will slide in a panel allowing you to send SMS messages.

You may begin by typing text in the box below. For our L2 text message customers, you may also utilize your Text Message Templates by selecting the paper scroll icon below. That will slide in your templates and allow you to select which you'd like to utilize. You may then select Send to send that SMS once your message is composed

As your que of SMS messages builds, you may access that from any screen in Crelate over to the far right hand side of your screen. This will allow you to view all recent communication with your contacts. You'll see the initials of the contact's name display in varying colors. Selecting that side panel will slide that in from the right hand side.

When receiving a response, that contact's name will default to the top of all names. Additionally, a notification will display denoting the messages received that have not yet been viewed.

Selecting that notification will pull in that communication history.

Should you close out without responding, that notification will turn grey noting that you have seen but not responded to that last message. Responding to that message will remove grayed notification all together.

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