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How to upload a resume to create a new contact record

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You are able to import candidate resumes into Crelate, and create candidates based on the information in the resume. You can import these in bulk, up to 250 at a time, and Crelate will parse the resumes and create your candidates.

To start select the Menu in the upper left corner and then select Import new Contacts.

You'll then be brought to the import dialogue. Select the Click Here option in the upper left (or drag in files) to import your resumes. From here, you'll notice several menu options to the right.

  • You can can apply tags to all of the resumes being imported, as well as select a job that you want the candidates to be imported into.

  • You can also set the source, and owner (responsible recruiter) for the candidates as well

  • **Please Note** Tags, Source, and Owner will be applied to ALL resumes imported at the same time.

  • Select Start Import

When importing resumes, Crelate will parse the following information from a resume:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Addresses

  • Phone Numbers

  • Physical Addresses

  • Current position and company

  • Web Links, such as personal website or LinkedIn URL.

**Please Note** Crelate does not parse past employment or education, or skills. Instead, we index this information and make each candidates resume searchable within Crelate.

Upon completion of the resume parse, you'll have the ability to review the resumes via the Quality Check Screen. You can click on any of the fields parsed to make changes, such as name, email address or phone number prior to selecting Save Contacts in the lower right hand side.

What if a contact is a duplicate? If a contact matches your Duplicate Detection settings you'll be prompted to:

  1. Save as a new contact

  2. Attach the resume to the existing matched duplicate contact record **Please Note** Crelate will not re-parse the resume to update the contact with any new details from the newly parsed resume.

  3. Or import as is and create a new contact record

โ€‹Summary Screen

On the next screen, you can view a summary of the contacts created, as well as see if there were any duplicates produced. To finish, select close.

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