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Crelate Connector Home Screen Review
Crelate Connector Home Screen Review

What functionality do you have from the home page of Crelate's mobile app?

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The home screen layout of our mobile app is intended to bring you as much navigation opportunity as possible all in one place.

Contacts, Companies, Opportunities

The main "Core Records" of Crelate. Select into these records to review a list of all records or dive into a specific targeted list.


Any new applicant who has applied to a job but has yet to be reviewed will appear here. Select into any given record to Approve or Reject.

Text Messaging

This will serve as your central hub for all things text messaging! Review and continue communication with contacts or start a new conversation.

New Activity

If you're on the road and quickly need to log a note from a call you've just had, select the activity type and record the details.

Tasks & Events

This will display a full overview of all upcoming tasks and activities. Easily review: Time, Date, and Related Record of any given activity.

What's Next?

Check out our Crelate Connector overview video!

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