You'll notice in Crelate, that there are options for several different date filters in your contacts and grid views.

The difference between these will be outlined below:

1. Last Updated On: This will occur when a contact's profile is edited or changed. For example, adding or editing a column under the details section (ie. phone number, email address, education history), adding a candidate description, or adding a tag will update this field.

2. Last Activity Date: This will occur when ANY activity is logged on a contact record. When logging any activity, the activity date will change accordingly. Crelate will also default to have a sent email, task and note update this field. You do have the option to control which activities update this date and which do not. Please refer to our article here: Creating a Custom Activity for more information on that topic.

3. Last Action Date: This field tracks the last time that a Crelate user created ANY activity (not only those that update the engagement), sent an email, added a contact to a job opportunity, or moved that candidate to a new workflow stage. The intent here is that ALL actions and activities will update this field while the Last Activity Date is updated ONLY through specified activities. The 'Last Action Date' will NOT be updated when the contact initiates the action such as responding to an email or applying to a job.

4. Last Activity or Modified: This will encompass the last time a new activity was created on the contact OR the last time that contact record was updated or modified. The intent here is to give a blend of Last Activity along with Last Updated.

5. Last Reach Out Date: The last reach out field is intended to show when action was taken in attempt to connect with a contact. This may not necessarily mean that the contact responded but is present to show outbound effort. This will be automatically updated if you send a text message or email (individual, bulk or campaign) but can also be manually set each time a custom activity is logged. Below the "Last Engagement Date" explanation, you'll see a settings option where you may configure which activity constitutes a "reach out.'

6. Last Engagement Date: This field designates the last time there was meaningful discussion or contact with an individual. For an engagement date to be updated, the following may occur: a contact sends an email or text message to you OR that contact applies to a job. This will also follow the rules of notating engagement on your existing activities. The intent of this field is to track not just outward attempts to reach a contact but truly successful connections. This coupled with the last activity give you the capability to learn not only how frequently you're reaching out but also how frequently that contact is engaging you back.

You can customize which specific activities merit an update to the "last activity" or "last reach out" date column. This will allow you greater flexibility to still log certain activities without having them reflected in your last activity update. To customize this, you may go to Settings>> Activities>> Select the given activity>> Select the Drop Down.


Here you'll notice 4 options:

  • Never- This will never update the last activity date.

  • Always - This will always update the last activity date

  • Ask (default to false) - This will give you the option to select whether or not to update the last activity date, however, the engagement box will NOT be selected by default

  • Ask (default to false) - This will give you the option to select whether or not to update the last activity date, however, the engagement box will be selected by default

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