We often get asked about publishing a job with a variety of locations. Because Crelate's job publishing feature aggregates to a high number of different job boards, we need to be compliant with all boards respectively. Many job boards do not allow for multi locations within one posting and as a result, Crelate must comply with these requirements.

However, there are several options both for leaving location blank as well as notating a 'remote' position. For more on publishing jobs, see our article here: Publishing Jobs. To edit a job, select Edit Details.

Leaving Location Blank

When posting a job, the location is a required field in order to publish. However, you may add a single space to both the 'City' and 'State' field to serve the requirement of having data in both fields.

Adding Remote:

Similarly, in the case of a remote position, you may write in 'Remote' or something similar in the 'City' while adding a space in 'State.' That will again serve the required fields to allow you to publish that position.

You also have the option to set the Remote Type on Step 2.

What's Next?

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