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Reporting Filters You Need to Know About
Reporting Filters You Need to Know About

Filters are a powerful way to modify what you measure. We present the 3 new filters that can enhance your results.

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1. Call Duration filter

With the new Duration Metric, you can measure your team's call time in a report. You can track the total of time spent on your team's phone on a weekly or daily basis or even dive into how many hours of interviews your team conducted. These enhancements will help you gain deeper insights into time management and optimize your operations for better results.

2. Workflow History filter

In addition to reporting on activities, you can filter candidate reports by Recruiting Workflow History. Measure Time in Stage for Candidates who moved through the Screening stage, or list all candidates who have ever been in a Follow-up Stage, and more. The workflow history filter adds a new dimension to understanding your business and is especially useful for stages where custom activities are not being directly tracked. This filter enables you to generate reports based on the movement of Candidates into or out of specific workflow stages.

For example, you can track Candidates who were moved into the “Submitted” stage more than 30 days ago.

3. Primary Owner filter

For those records that have multiple owners, Crelate now allows you to filter by Primary Owner. The Owner filter will allow you to select any or all of the Owners in a record. With this new filter, you will be able to identify records exclusively owned by a specific member of your team enhancing your ability to manage and access your data efficiently. This filter allows you to filter records exclusively owned by a specific user and is being rolled out across all Core Records, including Contacts, Jobs, Companies, and Candidates, enhancing your ability to manage and access data more efficiently.

What's Next?

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