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Integrated Payroll - Tax forms Filed by Check
Integrated Payroll - Tax forms Filed by Check

Tax forms by State.

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**Integrated Payroll is in a private beta at this time. Only users in the beta will have access**

As a reporting agent, Check will file a number of state and local tax forms on behalf of your companies. Check will make copies of filed forms available to our partners to surface directly with companies for their reference. There are a few tax filings that do not require actual forms but are instead filed electronically. Check will provide either a tax liability report or a tax coupon in these circumstances. The following is a list of state and local forms generally supported by Check. 


  • Form 940 - Employer's Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax Return

  • Form 941 - Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return

  • Form 943 - Employer's Annual Federal Tax Return for Agricultural Employees

  • Form 944 - Employer's Annual Federal Tax Return


  • Form AL A-1 - Alabama Quarterly W/H Return

  • Form AL A-3 - Alabama Annual W/H Reconciliation

  • Form AL A-6 - Alabama Department of Revenue Monthly Return

  • Form AL UC-CR4 - Alabama Quarterly Contribution

  • Various local occupational license fee reports


  • Form AK 07-1004 - Alaska Quarterly Contribution Report


  • Form A1-WP - Payment of AZ Income Tax Withholding 

  • Form A1-QRT - Quarterly Withholding Tax Return 

  • Form A1-R - Withholding Reconciliation Return

  • Form UC-018 - Unemployment Tax and Wage Report


  • Form AR3MAR - Arkansas Annual W/H Reconciliation 

  • Form AR 941M - State of Arkansas Monthly W/H Report

  • Form AR DWS-ARK-209B - Arkansas Quarterly Contribution Report


  • Form DE34- CA Report of New Hire

  • Form DE88- Payroll Tax Deposit Coupon

  • Form DE 9 - Quarterly Contribution Return and Report of Wages 

  • Form DE 9C - Combined Payroll Tax Payment Coupon


  • Form DR 1093 - Annual Transmittal of State W-2 and 1099 Forms 

  • Form DR 1094 - Income Withholding Tax Return

  • Form UITR-1 - Unemployment Insurance Tax Report

  • Colorado Paid Family and Medical Leave Quarterly Wage Report

  • Form Various local returns


  • Form CT UC-5A - Connecticut Correction of EE Quarterly Earnings Report 

  • Form CT UC-2- Connecticut Employer Contribution 

  • Form CT 941 - Connecticut Return for Annual Filer 

  • Form CT 941 DRS - Connecticut Quarterly W/H Return

  • Form CT W3 - Connecticut Annual W/H Reconciliation 


  • Form DE W1 - Delaware Withholding Income Tax Return for monthly filers

  • Form DE W1A - Delaware Withholding Income Tax Return for eighth monthly filers

  • Form DE W1Q - Delaware Withholding Income Tax Return for quarterly filers

  • Form DE W3/W3A - Delaware Annual W/H Reconciliation 

  • Form DE UC-8 - Employer's Contribution and Wage Report 

  • Various local returns

District of Columbia (Washington D.C.)

  • Form FR900A - Employer's Withholding Tax - Annual Return 

  • Form FR900M - Employer's Withholding Tax - Monthly Return

  • Form FR900Q - Employer's Withholding Tax - Quarterly Return

  • Form DC FR-900P - District of Columbia Payment Voucher for Withholding Tax 

  • Form DC UC-30 - Employer's Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report 

  • Form DOES PFL-30 -  Employer's Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report 


  • Form FL RT-6 - Florida Quarterly Contribution


  • Form G-7 Monthly - Quarterly Return for Monthly Payers 

  • Form G-7 Quarterly- Quarterly Return for Quarterly Payers 

  • Form G-7/Sch B - Quarterly Return for Semi-Weekly Payers

  • Form GA-V -  Withholding Payment Voucher 

  • Form G-1003 - Income Statement Transmittal

  • Form GA G-7 - Georgia Quarterly Return for Semi Weekly Filers

  • Form GA G-7 Q-A - Georgia Quarterly W/H Return  for Annual Filers

  • Form DOL-4 Part I & II/DOL-4N - Employer's Quarterly Tax and Wage Report


  • Form HI HW-14/VP-1 - Hawaii Withholding Tax Return

  • Form HI HW-3 - Hawaii Annual Withholding Reconciliation 

  • Form HI UC-B6 - Hawaii Quarterly Contribution


  • Form 910 - Withholding Payment Voucher

  • Form Form 967 - Idaho Annual W/H Reconciliation 

  • Form TAX020 - Idaho Employer Quarterly UI Tax Report


  • Form IL-941 - Illinois Withholding Income Tax Return

  • Schedule P -  Illinois Withholding Schedule 

  • Form IL-501 - Illinois Withholding Tax Payment 

  • Form IL UI MTHLY WG - Illinois TaxNet Monthly Wage Report

  • Form IL W-3 -  Illinois Annual W/H Reconciliation

  • Form UI-3/40 - Employer's Contribution and Wage Report


  • Form WH-1 - Withholding Tax Voucher

  • Form WH-3 - Annual Withholding Tax 

  • Form UC-5A- Quarterly Wage and Employment Report


  • Form IA 44-095 -  Iowa Quarterly Withholding Return 

  • Form IA 65-5300 - Return/Wage detail Iowa Quarterly Contribution

  • Form IA 44-105 -  Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance Voucher

  • Form IA VSP - Iowa Annual W/H Reconciliation


  • Form KW-3 - Annual Withholding Tax Return & Transmittal 

  • Form K-CNS 100 - Quarterly Wage Report and Unemployment Tax Return 

  • Form KW-5 - Withholding Tax Deposit Report 

  • Form KW-3E - Annual Withholding Tax Return (for use by EFT filers only)


  • Form KY0033-138 - Occupational License Fee (Mercer County)

  • Form K-1 - Employer's Return of Income Tax Withheld for one day, twice monthly, monthly, or quarterly filers

  • Form - K-3 Employer's Return of Income Tax Withheld for annual filers

  • Form 42A806 - Transmitter Report for Filing Kentucky Wage Statements 

  • Form UI-3 - Employer's Quarterly Unemployment Wage and Tax Report 

  • Form Various local returns


  • Form L-3 - Transmittal of Withholding Tax Statements 

  • Form L-1 - Employer's Return of State Income Tax Withheld 

  • Form L1-V - Withholding Payment Voucher 

  • Form LDOL ES4 - Employer's Wage and Tax Report 


  • Form 900ME - Employer's Payment Voucher for Income Tax Withheld

  • Form ME-UC-1 - Quarterly Return of Unemployment Contributions 

  • Form 941/C1-ME - Combined Filing for Income Tax Withholding & Unemployment Contributions 

  • Form W-3ME - Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld


  • Form MW506/MW506M -  Employer Return of Income Tax Withheld 

  • Form MW508 - Annual Employer Withholding Reconciliation Report 

  • Form MD DLLR/DUI 15 - Maryland Unemployment Insurance Quarterly Employment Report


  • Form M-941 - Employer’s Return of Income Taxes Withheld 

  • Form M-3 - Reconciliation of Massachusetts Income Taxes Withheld for Employers 

  • Paid Family & Medical Leave Quarterly Filings

  • Form Quarterly Employment and Wage Detail Report 


  • Form MI 5080/160 -  Michigan Monthly/Quarterly Return (Withholding portions only)

  • Form MI Sales, Use and Withholding Tax Annual Return (Withholding portions only)

  • Form MI 447 - Transmittal of Mag Media reporting of W-2 

  • Form MI UIA 1028 - Michigan Employer's Quarterly Wage/Tax Report

  • Form MI 501 ALLIANCE - Transmittal of Mag Media reporting of W-2 

  • Various local returns


  • Form MN MDES-1 - Minnesota Quarterly Contributions

  • Minnesota Quarterly Withholding Worksheet for quarterly filers

  • Minnesota Quarterly Withholding Worksheet for annual filers

  • Minnesota Income Tax Withheld Coupon


  • Form 89-140 - Annual Information Return 

  • Form 89-105 - Employer's Withholding Tax Return 

  • Form UI-2 - Employer's Quarterly Wage Report


  • Form MO-941 - Employer's Return of Income Taxes Withheld 

  • Form MO-941P - Quarter-Monthly Withholding Tax Payments 

  • Form MO-W3 - Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements

  • Form MODES-4-7 - Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report 

  • Form MODES-10B - Quarterly Wage Report Continuation Sheet

  • Various local returns


  • Form MT MW-1 - Montana Withholding Payment Coupon

  • Form MT MW-3 - Montana Annual W/H Reconciliation 

  • Form MT UI-5 - Montana Quarterly Contribution 


  • Form W-3N -  Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld

  • Form 941N - Withholding Return for quarterly and annual filers

  • Form 501N - Monthly Withholding Deposit 

  • Form UI 11T - Combined Tax Report 


  • Form NUCS-4072 - Employer's Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report 

  • Form TXR-020.04 - Modified Business Tax Return

New Hampshire

  • Form NH DES 200A - New Hampshire Quarterly Contribution 

New Jersey

  • Form NJ WR-30 - New Jersey Employer Report of Wages Paid

  • Form NJ-927 - New Jersey Employer's Quarterly Report 

  • Form NJ-927W - New Jersey Employer's Quarterly Report for Weekly Filers

  • Form NJ-ERW2-S - New Jersey Submitter Form 

  • Form NJ-W-3 -  New Jersey Annual Withholding Reconciliation 

New Mexico

  • Form CRS-1 -  Combined Report Form

  • Form RPD-41072 - Annual Withholding Form

  • Form ES-903A - Employer's Quarterly Wage and Contribution Report

  • Form WC-1 - Workers' Compensation Fee Form 

New York

  • Form NYS-1 - Return of Tax Withheld Payment Coupon 

  • Form NYS-45 - Quarterly Combined Withholding, Wage Reporting, and Unemployment Insurance Return

  • Form MTA-305 - Employer's Quarterly Metropolitan Transit Tax Form

North Carolina

  • Form NC 3 - Annual Withholding Reconciliation 

  • Form NC 3M - Annual Withholding Reconciliation (Monthly Filers)

  • Form NC 5P - Withholding Payment Voucher 

  • Form NC 5 - Withholding Return (Quarterly or Monthly Filers) 

  • Form NC 5Q - Withholding Return (Semi-weekly payers only)

  • Quarterly Tax Payment Voucher

  • Form NCUI 101 - Employer's Quarterly Tax and Wage Report

  • Form NCUI 101B - Employer's Quarterly Tax and Wage Report

North Dakota

  • Form ND F-306 - North Dakota Quarterly W/H Return

  • Form ND F-307 - North Dakota Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements 

  • Form ND NDUC-303 - North Dakota Quarterly Contribution


  • Form IT-941 - Employer's Annual Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld

  • Form SD-101 - Employers Payment of School District Income Tax Withheld

  • Form OH IT-501 - Ohio Income Tax Withheld Deposit Payment

  • Form IT-942 - Employer's Quarterly Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld

  • Form SD-141 - School District Employer's Annual Reconciliation

  • Form IT-3 - Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements

  • Form JFS-20125 - Unemployment Compensation Quarterly Tax Return 

  • Form 11 - Employer's Municipal Tax Withholding Statement

  • Various local returns


  • Form WTH 10001 -  Oklahoma Wage Withholding Tax Return 

  • Form WTH 10004 - Oklahoma Withholding Payment Coupon 

  • Form OK W-3 - Oklahoma Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements

  • Form OES-3 - Employer's Quarterly Contribution Report 


  • Form Annual Withholding Tax Reconciliation Report (WR)

  • Form Combined Payroll Tax Payment Coupon (OTC)*

  • Form Quarterly Combined Tax Report (OQ)

  • Form Oregon Quarterly Statewide Transit Tax Withholding Return (Form OR-STT-1) 

  • Form Statewide Transit Tax Employee Detail Report (Form OR-STT-2) 

  • Form State Withholding Tax (Oregon Schedule B) 

  • Form Employee Detail Report (FORM 132)

  • Various local returns


  • Form PA W-3 - Employer Quarterly Return of Withholding Tax 

  • Form REV-1667 AS - W-2 Transmittal 

  • Form UC-2 - Employer's Unemployment Insurance Tax Report 

  • Form Detail UC-2 - Employer's Report for Unemployment Compensation 

  • Various local returns

Rhode Island

  • Form RI-W-3 - Rhode Island Annual W/H Reconciliation

  • Form RI State W2 - Rhode Island Income Tax Transmittal Form for the Reporting of W2 Information 

  • Form RI 941 - Rhode Island Employer’s Quarterly Tax Return and Reconciliation 

  • Rhode Island Income Tax Withholding Coupon 

  • Form RI TX-17 - Rhode Island Quarterly Contributions

South Carolina

  • Form WH-1612 - W2/Magnetic Media Transmittal Form

  • Form WH-1606 - Withholding Fourth Quarter/Annual Reconciliation/W-2 Transmittal 

  • Form WH-1605 - Withholding Quarterly Tax Return 

  • Form WH-1601 - Withholding Tax Payment 

  • Form UCE-101/120 -  Employer Quarterly Contribution and Wage Reports 

  • Form UCE-120A - Employer's Quarterly Continuation Sheet

South Dakota

  • Form SD DOL-UID-21 - South Dakota Quarterly Contribution


  • Form LB-0456 - Premium Report 

  • Form LB-0851- Wage Report 


  • Form C-3- Employer's Quarterly Report


  • Form TC-941- Utah Withholding Return 

  • Form TC-941R - Annual Withholding Reconciliation 

  • Form 33H - Employer's Contribution Report

  • Form 33HA - Employer's Quarterly Wage List


  • Form VT WHT-430 - Vermont Withholding Tax Payment 

  • Form VT WHT-434- Vermont Annual W/H Reconciliation

  • Form VT WHT-436 - Quarterly Withholding Reconciliation

  • Form VT C-101 - Vermont Quarterly Contribution 


  • Form VA-6 - Employer's Annual or Final Summary of Income Tax Withheld (VA-6)

  • Form VA-16 - Employer's Payments Quarterly Reconciliation and Return of Income Tax Withheld

  • Form VA-5 - Employer's Return of Virginia Income Tax Withheld (Electronic Only) 

  • Form VA-15 - Employer's Voucher for Payment of Income Tax Withheld (Semiweekly) 

  • Form VA-W - W-2/1099 Transmittal

  • Form VEC-FC-21 - Employer's Quarterly Payroll Report

  • Form VEC-FC-20 - Employer's Quarterly Tax Report 


  • Employer's Quarterly Tax and Wage Detail Report

  • Labor & Industries Employer's Quarterly Report

  • Employer's Paid Family & Medical Leave and WA Cares Fund Quarterly Wages and Hour Report

West Virginia

  • Form WV/IT-103 - Annual Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld

  • Form WV/IT-101V - Employer's Monthly Return of Income Tax Withheld 

  • Form WV/IT101Q - Employer's Quarterly Return of Income Tax Withheld 

  • Form WV/IT-105 - W-2 Transmitter Summary

  • Form WVUC-A-154 - Quarterly Contribution Report 

  • Various local returns


  • Form WI WT-6 - Wisconsin Tax Deposit Report

  • Form WI WT-7 - Wisconsin Annual W/H Reconciliation

  • Form WI UCT-101 - Wisconsin Quarterly Contribution 


  • Form WYO058 - Quarterly UI Summary Report/Wage Listing

At times, there may not be a paper copy of the above forms when electronic filing is the only option. Companies should refer to their company package summary page to verify what was filed by Check on their behalf. Check also filed W-2 and 1099-NEC forms when mandated at the federal, state and local level. As a bulk filer, we send these forms electronically which means that we do not need to file a Federal Form W-3. However, we will provide a paper copy of Form W-3 in the company package. 

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