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Integrated Payroll - FAQ's for Employee Management
Integrated Payroll - FAQ's for Employee Management

Frequently asked questions about employee scenarios

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**Integrated Payroll is in a private beta at this time. Only users in the beta will have access**

Employee Payments

I overpaid an employee. Can I reverse the payment?

You'll need to reach out to support for assistance so that they may help you with the best path forward. 

I underpaid an employee. How can I correct this?

You will always have the ability to issue a separate payment on an off-cycle payroll run for the difference. For anything more complex, please contact support  

Employee Management

What if I hire an employee in a new state? 

You will want to contact support to make them aware of the change to your account so they can ensure proper set up. You will also need to register for applicable employment taxes within the new state. 

What if I am terminating an employee? 

Laws will vary based on whether an employee was terminated, or if they quit. Each state is different in regards to how quickly they require final payments to employees. You can review your states Department of Labor to confirm any updates to final paycheck laws. 

If you are in a state that allows for the final check to be paid on the standard payroll schedule, then you can pay the employee with your next scheduled payroll. However, if your state requires a faster turn around time, you can create an off-cycle payroll to facilitate the payment faster. Alternatively, you can write an in-house check where you can pay someone immediately, and then log a manual paycheck with your next payroll to ensure the taxes will be paid and net pay is calculated correctly. 

How do I set up a garnishment? 

If you receive a garnishment notice for an employee, you will need to add the deduction to their employee profile within the HR center in Crelate. The notice will let you know the amount to withhold either as a flat dollar amount, or as a percentage of earnings. Add all relevant information about the agency while setting up the deduction. 

How do I change withholdings for an employee?

  • Resend them the onboarding link to fill out

What's Next?

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