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Integrated Payroll - Employee and Contractor Tax IDs
Integrated Payroll - Employee and Contractor Tax IDs

Information about employee tax ID requirements.

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**Integrated Payroll is in a private beta at this time. Only users in the beta will have access**

In order for Check to correctly file taxes for employees (W-2s) and contractors (1099s), it is critical we have the right tax identification number (TIN). A TIN is a general term that can represent a social security number (SSN), employer identification number (EIN), individual tax identification number (ITIN) and more. There are different requirements for both employees and contractors, which are outlined below.


In order for a W-2 employee to be eligible to work in the US, they must have a social security number (SSN). The Department of Homeland Security makes this a requirement as a part of the I-9 process, which every employee should go through. The IRS also makes this clear here, with the following section:

Employee's Social Security Number (SSN)

You are required to get each employee's name and Social Security number (SSN) and to enter them on Form W-2 (this requirement also applies to resident and nonresident alien employees). If your employee does not have their social security card readily available, then the Social Security Administration (SSA) offers Social Security number (SSN) verification and quick access to relevant forms and publications.

Do not accept an ITIN in place of an SSN for employee identification or for work. An ITIN is only available to resident and nonresident aliens who are not eligible for U.S. employment and need identification for other tax purposes. You can identify an ITIN because it is a 9-digit number that begins with the number "9" and is formatted like an SSN (NNN-NN-NNN). 

Note: An individual with an ITIN who later becomes eligible to work in the United States must obtain an SSN.

If an employee does not have an SSN, their filings will fail. It’s worth noting, in the past Check accepted ITINs. We are not removing these ITINs from our database, but they will fail filing if they are not updated. If you’d like a report of individuals with failed SSNs, please submit a ticket via ZenDesk.

If an employee doesn’t have their SSN immediately, it can be replaced with all 0s to unblock onboarding. The SSN should be updated as soon as it has been received to avoid failed filings.


Check is able to pay contractors that are individuals or businesses. For individuals, they can have a Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). You can read more about this on page 10  of the Instructions for Forms 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC.

For businesses, Check needs Federal Employer Identification Numbers (FEINs) and Legal Business Name.

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