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All you need to know about what reporting options are available for integrated payroll!

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**Integrated Payroll is in a private beta at this time. Only users in the beta will have access**

In this article we will discuss what reporting options are available for customers using integrated payroll as well as how to access or run those reports.

Where to Run a Payroll Report

When you are working within the Payable items or Payroll Runs grid, you have access to reporting in the header. There are several reports available to you, and each will download into an easy CSV file for you to view. When you select a report, you will be asked to choose the dates in which you want to pull. It is important to note, that you must pull these reports according to your week ending dates. If you choose dates that span multiple pay periods, then you will receive results that include multiple full weeks worth of data.

Example: Your weeks are Sunday - Saturday, but you pull a payroll report from Wednesday-Wednesday. Your results will pull back 2 weeks worth of payroll data, because your dates were in the middle of 2 payroll weeks.

Report types

Contractor Payments: These are payments only made to 1099 contractors. If you do not employee 1099's, these reports will not populate data when run.

Payroll Journal: View Employees' part earnings, deductions, and taxes by payroll

Payroll Summary: View employees' past earnings, deductions, ad taxes aggregated over a period

Tax Liability: View liability for taxes by payroll

Available on each specific Payroll run:

Cash Requirements report - This lets you know how much cash is required to run a specific payroll run. This accounts for all employee wages and necessary taxes.

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