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Everything you need to know about configuring Benefits, Withholdings, and Post-Tax deductions for integrated payroll!

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Benefits for integrated and manual payroll will operate the same way in that you must configure a global list. Once created, these benefits can then be granted to Employees in the HR center. Keep in mind that this is a global list and that these are just default values that can be overridden when assigning the benefit to the Employee. Please note that once a Benefit is granted to an Employee or is added to a Paystub, it can no longer be deleted.

How to create Global Benefits

Navigate to Settings | Benefits and select the plus icon to create a new Global Benefit. Fill out the required fields. Please note that once a Paystub exists that utilizes this Benefit, it can no longer be deleted.

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Integrated payroll customers will have global withholdings automatically populated based on the worksites and states they are employing in. You cannot configure these withholdings are they are required by the Jurisdiction that the employee works in. As you employ people in new Jurisdictions, you will see new Withholdings available in Settings > Withholdings

Post-Tax Deductions

Similar to Benefits, we also need to create our global list of Post-Tax Deductions. Post-Tax Deductions are employee specific deductions on a Paystub that are not subject to be taxed. Common examples include Child Support and Roth 401Ks. Because these differ per employee, the only fields that are required at the global level are Name and Type.

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