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Crelate + CallMantra Integration
Crelate + CallMantra Integration
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Crelate and CallMantra now offer an integration that allows you to call candidates utilizing your CallMantra account without ever leaving Crelate. This is a partnership between Crelate and CallMantra, and if you do not yet have a separate CallMantra account, please utilize our referral link down below:

How to Integrate

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What can CallMantra accomplish within Crelate?

With this integration, you will be able to call candidates without ever leaving the Crelate application simply by pressing the call icon next to your candidates’ number.

Additionally, with CallMantra’s power dialer, you can choose a list of candidates, add them to a campaign, and let the dialer automatically call one candidate after another.

If the candidate doesn’t pick up, simply leave an automated, personalized voicemail, and text message when you encounter an answering machine.

This integration will offer text messaging within Crelate as well. Text 1:1 and send personalized text messages to candidates from CallMantra or the Crelate app.

All your activities for both text messages and phone calls will be logged in real-time as Notes within Crelate. Any call notes will be available to be logged as well.

​CallMantra provides the ability to reach out to candidates directly from job boards. Call and text candidates directly from job boards such as Dice, Monster, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and many more with CallMantra’s Chrome extension:

Let candidates know who’s calling, and build trust by displaying your verified badge.

See which recruiters’ numbers are flagged and get notified if your recruiters’ numbers are flagged as possible spam by carriers. CallMantra automatically reaches out to carriers to get those numbers remediated.

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