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How to set up Internal Time Types and have users log time against Opportunities

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**Please Note: This feature is only available if you have Crelate Deliver included with your subscription**

We are excited to introduce a significant enhancement to the Crelate Deliver module, simplifying the process of tracking and submitting time for opportunities and projects internally. This feature will allow users to log and submit time directly towards opportunities/projects.

Creating your Internal Time Types

The first step in the process of setting up Internal Timekeeping is to create your Internal Time Types by navigating to Settings | Time Types | New Time Type.

If you would like to use an existing Time Type for Internal Timekeeping, click on the Time Type you would like to use and toggle the Allow Internal Usage setting to Yes. If you would like to create a new Time Type, please select the New Time Type option.

If you are creating a new Time Type, next you will add a name and all of the other fields you wish to use with the new Time Type. Be sure you enable the Allow Internal Usage setting as this is the setting that will allow the Time Type to be used for Internal Timekeeping.

Adding Users to Internal Timekeeping Grid

If a user is a non-admin, you will first need to give their user role access to Internal Timekeeping by navigating to Settings | User Roles and enabling the Log Internal Time role.

In order for a user to log time using Internal Timekeeping, they will need to be added to the Internal Timekeeping Grid by navigating to Settings > Global Settings and selecting the green + option.

Once a user is added, the next step is to add their Pay and Bill Rates.

Tracking Internal Time

Now that your Internal Time Types are set up and your users are added to the Internal Time Keepers Grid, users will now be able to log time against opportunities and projects! The time logging is not limited to only Temp Hire opportunities either, it will be for any opportunity or project you have in your account.

Once a user is added to the Internal Time Keeping Grid, they can access the Employee Center to create a new Time Card and choose the Assignment (this is the opportunity or project they will be logging time against).

**If a user does not see the Employee Center on their Left Navigation Bar, they can pin it if they would like for easier access**

Upon choosing an Assignment, there will be an All Opportunities tab they will want to select. This will allow the user to choose any opportunity or project to create a time card.

After an Opportunity is selected, the user can start to log time. A user may also log time against multiple opportunities or projects within the same pay period.

What's Next?

Want to learn more about Timekeeping? Click the link below to access our Master Guide!

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