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Creating Relationship Groups and Types
Creating Relationship Groups and Types

How to create and use relationships

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Before you can utilize Relationships, you will first need to set up your Relationship Groups and Types.

**PLEASE NOTE: Business users do not have the ability to create new Relationship Groups or the ability to make the default Relationship Group available on Company or Contact records. Business Plus or higher is needed for full customization**

To get started, please navigate to Settings | Relationships and click the green "+" option to create a new Relationship Group. Once selected, add a name for the group and select the Record Types you wish to use the group for. Please note that you can select multiple Record Types with each group.

When selecting the Record Types the group will be available on, you will see a Splits option if you select Placements. The Splits will allow you to set percentages of the Placement Value to calculate commissions. More to come on this below!

Next, it's time to add your Relationship Types for the group. Please select the New Type option and add a Name, Target Records, Meaning, and Default Split Percentage if applicable. You may add multiple Relationship Types to the same Group.

The Target Record Types are the records that will be available for selection when adding your Relationships to a Record. For example- if you choose User, you will be able to select from the list of Crelate Users in your Organization. If you select Contacts, you will be able to select an existing contact from your database for the Relationship. You may select more than one Target Record Type if needed.

Let's cover an example below for an Internal Recruiter (Crelate User) who would receive 25% of the Placement Value Split for commissions:

Once finished, please remember to Save your work at the top.

What's Next?

Learn how to assign Relationships to Records below!

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