July 2023 Impact Guide

A guide for Administrative users to learn of upcoming subscription changes

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About this Guide

This guide is designed to help Crelate System Administrators understand the potential user impact of an upcoming release of Crelate. The guide is a shortened version of our “What’s New” documentation and provides additional insights that Crelate System Administrators should be aware of. Crelate provides this guide ahead of scheduled releases to allow Crelate System Administrators time to prepare for and take advantage of new or changing system capabilities.

Each improvement includes a description of the impact and when available, administrative options available to minimize the impact on your users.

About Crelate Upgrades

All upgrades to Crelate are automatic, benefit all users and typically require no user action. However, not all system upgrades are on by default. System Administrators may need to opt-in or opt-out of some new functionality. We know change can be disruptive and we work hard to ensure System Administrators have the flexibility to control when new features are available to their users. To minimize potential business impact, new features of Crelate are often off by default for existing customers and other features may be turned off if a customer chooses to do so. Occasionally, we make changes the behavior or look and feel of a feature. System administrators should review this guide to understand their options, any potential impacts to their users and any actions they may have to take to either take advantage of new functionality; or hide new functionality depending on their organization’s needs.

NEW – This is a new feature or functionality. It may need to be enabled and configured.

IMPROVED – This is a change to an existing feature.

CHANGED – This is an existing feature or behavior that has changed, and users need to be aware.


Job Board Publishing Remote Type Field Moved – CHANGED


When publishing a job, the “Remote Type” field has moved from Page 2 to Page 1 and Location is no longer required if "Fully Remote" is selected for Remote Type.



Applies to

All Users

Action Required




In our latest release, we've made some changes to the publishing process. The Remote Type option has been moved to page 1 to enhance user experience. Now, when selecting 'Fully Remote', for Remote Type, there's no need to enter location details. However, for other remote types, the location field remains a required field. Additionally, we've updated the Remote Type verbiage to align with Indeed documentation.

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