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**Please Note: This feature is only available if you have Crelate Deliver included in your plan**


  1. When do the pay rules calculate?

  2. Can you update a pay plan and the pay rules while in use?

  3. Is there any type of audit trail to track when a pay plan or pay rule is updated?

  4. What do I do with the time types I no longer need now that pay rules exist, like Overtime?


  1. Pay Rules will calculate based on the Finalization of the Pay Period Sheet. For example, if you have a Pay Plan assigned to a placement, and if that placement has a Pay Period Sheet that has not been finalized, you could update the Pay Plan for the placement and the updated Pay Plan would calculate upon finalizing the Pay Period Sheet.

  2. Yes, you can update a pay plan and the pay rules on a pay plan at any time, even if they are in use. If you do update a pay plan or a pay rule on a pay plan, it will calculate the next time a Pay Period Sheet is finalized. All previously finalized Pay Period Sheets will not update, this change will only affect newly finalized Pay Period Sheets moving forward.

  3. No, there is currently no audit trail when a pay plan is updated for a placement or if you update a pay plan's pay rules.

  4. If you were using some time types that are no longer needed before the Pay Rules feature was deployed (like for Overtime), you can navigate to Settings > Time Types and deactivate any types that are no longer needed.

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