July 2023 - Product Release Notes
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Our July 2023 release emphasizes key features from highly requested customer feedback and is aligned with our current Product Roadmap. We are releasing these features for the continued enhancement of your experience with Crelate:

Crelate Recruit

Crelate Deliver (Omni)

🎁You Asked, We Delivered

API (Private BETA) NEW:

We are thrilled to announce the BETA release of our Crelate API v3. The new API is a significant improvement over our existing public API and we are very excited to release this new functionality to customers. We will constantly be adding improvements to this new API, but some things you can take advantage of right away are:

  • Simplification of the in and out of the data using an Entity-Oriented design philosophy. This enables us to implement each Entity's endpoints functionality consistently with improved baseline functionality and fewer "one-off" endpoints.

  • Numerous new ways to sort and filter data for every single endpoint so you can get the data you care about with fewer calls and smaller payloads. No more pulling every Contact to find that one record you need!

  • Expanded the ranges of exposed Entities, including Placements, Users, Invoices, Payments, Losses, and more.

The full API developer documentation with be available alongside the release for you to discover every detail of Crelate API v3. It will also include a migration guide to help you take advantage of the new API even faster.

Indeed Vetting NEW:

There is now a process that allows you to post jobs to Indeed on behalf of other companies or customers with whom you have an agreement. Once the vetting process is complete, there will be a new drop-down during publishing that will allow you to choose which company to post on behalf of. For more information on this process, check out our Help article below:

Indeed Screener Questions NEW:

When the new Indeed Job Board setting is activated, every opportunity published on Indeed will automatically include the corresponding Crelate Application Form. Candidates can conveniently complete the form on Indeed, and all the provided information will flow back into Crelate, appearing as an Application Form on the candidate's record. This streamlined process empowers candidates to apply for positions and respond to screener questions without having to leave Indeed's platform.

Pay Rules (BETA) NEW:

To increase our Timekeeping and Billing functionality, we have developed a Pay Rules Engine. This will allow users to create specific Bill/Pay rate changes at a defined hour and/or day thresholds. These rules can be created to cover many use cases such as daily/weekly overtime rate adjustments, weekend rates, and placement-specific rates. With this increased flexibility, our customers will have the ability to adapt their billing and payment structures to meet their specific needs.

You Asked, We Delivered (DCRs):

Ability to Mention Internal Users NEW:

We are proud to fulfill our customers' most requested item, as voted on in Hellonext with the shipping of this feature.

The arrival of our enhanced mentions feature is designed to enable a more seamless user collaboration within Core Record activities. You can now mention other users by simply typing "@" followed by their name (e.g., "spoke with @John Smith"). Upon being mentioned, users will receive a notification in the app, complete with a hyperlink directly to the activity. Individual notification settings can easily be managed in Profile & Preferences > Notifications > Mention Settings.

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Additional Functionality in Search NEW:

We have introduced enhanced functionality within the Search area for Core Records. Users can now directly act on Companies and Opportunities from the search grid. This empowers users with greater flexibility to filter their search results and conveniently perform actions on the rendered results. The newly added actions in the search grid mirror the ones already available in the Core Record grid ensuring a seamless and consistent user experience.

Regarding Notes on Contacts Update IMPROVED:

With the latest improvements, the auto default regarding functionality will now consider only active jobs where the candidate is not in a Done status. By fine-tuning the auto default regarding feature, we eliminate potential confusion and unnecessary associations with completed or irrelevant jobs. This enhancement simplifies the activity creation process and ensures that activities are automatically linked to the most pertinent job opportunities.

Import Data+ | New Identifier Key for Companies IMPROVED:

We are pleased to announce that we have implemented a new feature that allows you to utilize "Phone Number" as the update identifier when importing companies. With this enhancement, you now have the flexibility to map the phone number field as the identifier for updating companies during the import process. This was a highly requested item in Hellonext.

Invoice Template Email Sender IMPROVED:

As a user, we understand that having the flexibility to choose the email address from which your invoicing templates are sent is important to you. With the recent update, you now have the ability to select the specific email address from which your invoicing templates will be sent. This means that you can customize the sender’s email on a case-by-case basis, granting you greater control over your communication channels. The available email addresses will pull from the Email Campaign Sender Email Address list.

What's Next?

Check out our release webinar to learn even more about our upcoming feature releases.

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