Saving an Email as a Draft
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If you are caught multi-tasking or perhaps just need to step away- have no fear! You can now save your progress of an email as a Draft in order to access it at a later time.

When you have an Email Message open within Crelate, you will see the "Save and Close" option in the bottom right of the Email pop-up:

This is our "Draft" option! Go ahead and click "Save and Close" in order to save any progress you have made.

Where Can I Find My Drafts?

When you need to access those drafts in order to finish where you left off, you will want to navigate to the hamburger menu icon in the top left of your screen > Manage Your Profile & Preferences:

Once you are there, you can navigate to "My Emails" and that is where you will find all your Drafts!:

In order to continue working on the drafted email, simply double-click the draft. This will re-open the Email pop-up box and you can finish up and send from there.

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