Crelate offers the ability to designate a Company Record as a Customer, Potential Customer, or Department. The reasoning for these different types is to help break down what these Companies are to you, and to be able to easily search on these parameters.

The differences between these three types are as follows:

  • Customer: This will be the default Company Record Type unless otherwise chosen in import. A Customer specifies a company or client you are currently hiring for.

  • Potential Customer: As you may assume, this type will refer to a Company you will be hiring for down the line.

  • Department: This Record Type is meant to be used for large companies that have separate departments you are hiring for. For example, you may be hiring positions for Crelate Support, Crelate Professional Services, and Crelate Product. Using the Department type is a great way to separate these while still being under the Crelate umbrella.

As mentioned, you can Search on these separate types to easily view the assigned Companies.

We also provide a quick filter in the Company Tab drop-down to view the most common "Potential Customer".

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