Gathering candidate information is a headache. Between corralling driver’s licenses during onboarding or receiving the most up-to-date resume prior to submitting a candidate, there are a lot of moving parts. Without an optimal system to manage active forms and requested data, tasks fall through the cracks, communication becomes challenging, and the candidate experience is negatively impacted.

Streamline your onboarding and information gathering process for you and your candidates in a centralized location with Form Requests.

Activity Form Templates

  • Request one or multiple s to be uploaded via a login-free experience

  • Easily connect with contacts to receive new contact information or gather information post candidate application

Review Form Requests & Track Completion

  • Track submission and completion directly on a contact record

  • Have all information automatically uploaded directly to the contact profile – no more downloading or copying and pasting

Pro Tip: Check out Crelate Hire and the eSignature add-on to level up your efficiency.

Happy Hiring!

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