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July 2022

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Engaging with both candidates and clients can be a difficult and often laborious process. The more you expand your communication and outreach strategy, the more likely you are to introduce data silos thus limiting your overall effectiveness. How can you gain maximum impact across all channels while still maintaining maximum visibility? Enter, Crelate’s Text Messaging solution. According to our very own blog post, people respond to text messages, on average, 60 times faster than email and are 5 times more likely to read a text when compared to an email. So how can Crelate best help to maximize this process?

As a recruiter or salesperson, easily engage your pipeline from a desktop or via our newly redesigned mobile app, the Crelate Connector. Leverage pre-made templates to quickly send off a text and take advantage of bulk text messaging from just about anywhere in the app. As an account administrator, you’ll have the ability to view all text communication with each message logged directly on a contact record.

Crelate offers several different options to text both via our direct RingCentral integration and our natively built text message solution. Whether you’re a high volume Staffing firm or an Executive firm placing just a handful of folks a year, Crelate has an option to support your business.

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To learn even more about Text Messaging options, visit our Help Center.

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