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April 2022 Crelate Cast.

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While we can’t cure legalese, with Crelate’s integrated eSignature feature, when it’s time to send that offer letter, client contract, or employee handbook, you’re minutes away from being able to execute.

Whether you’ve been using a one-off vendor for years or you’re still manually emailing signed documents, integrated eSignature is a massive time and headache saving tool for recruiting teams. Crelate's eSignature feature will enable your team to:

  • Build and leverage ready-to-use templates to streamline your process

  • Take the office on the road with a completely mobile-friendly toolset

  • Automatically upload executed candidate and client documents exactly where you need them in Crelate

  • Accelerate and track the status of every open contract throughout the signing process

To learn even more about Crelate's native eSignature tool, review our full-length feature overview directly on our site.

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