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Submitting Feedback via HelloNext
Submitting Feedback via HelloNext

Got a great idea for Crelate? Submit it to our Feedback forum!

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Signing Up for HelloNext

Our Feedback forum is a separate entity of Crelate entirely, so you will need to create a new login in order to leave our Product Team your ideas! Once you navigate to our feedback site HERE you will want to click on the Sign In / Sign Up button on the top right-hand side of your screen:

Once you have your own account you are all set to leave us feedback and any ideas you may have!

Navigating HelloNext

Our Product Team reviews all of these requests and works on adding highly requested and upvoted items frequently. Please utilize our Search functionality within our HelloNext page in order to see if your idea has already been requested:

That way you can upvote and our Product Team can see how important that request is! When you find a request that you want to upvote, feel free to click the number ticker on the left-hand side of the post! You get 20 votes to use within HelloNext!

See The Change

A very exciting feature we offer on our HelloNext page is our Changelog! We remain transparent and list off every update we introduce right here in HelloNext.

What's Next?

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