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Crelate + ZoomInfo TalentOS integration
Crelate + ZoomInfo TalentOS integration
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Crelate and ZoomInfo TalentOS offer an integration, which allows you to export profile data from ZoomInfo TalentOS into a contact record or directly to a job opportunity. **Please Note** All setup is configured within your ZoomInfo subscription. For direct questions, please connect with their support staff.

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Setting up the Crelate Integration

Before You Begin

An important thing to keep in mind here is that the User setting up this Integration needs to make sure they use the same email address for both ZoomInfo and Crelate.

Obtain your API Key

Login to Crelate and navigate to Manage Your Profile & Preferences.

Click API Access, then toggle Enable API Access to On. A key will automatically be generated for you.

Copy your API Key; you will be providing this to ZoomInfo

Accessing Integrations in ZoomInfo

Below is how to create the integration with ZoomInfo. For more in-depth direction on field mapping click or visit

To begin using this integration, the account admin must activate the connection between ZoomInfo TalentOS and Crelate. Head to Admin > Integrations to set up the connection. Once Create is set up by the admin, all users on the account will be able to turn on their connection to Crelate through their API key. You can manage the default export or mapping settings through the Admin Portal.

Each user must set up their personal API link following the steps outlined in the link to ZoomInfo Integration guide above page 8.

Configure the Connection

With the API key in hand, and using the same Crelate admin email address used to obtain the key:

1. Go to Admin Portal > Integrations.

2. In the TalentOS section, click Connect on the Crelate tile.

3. Paste your API Key.

4. Click Connect Crelate.

Important: Once you're successfully connected, you can enable exports using default mapping settings for all users using the toggle switch to the right of the Manage link. However, as a best practice, you should configure custom mapping settings first.

Once preferences are customized, from the Zoom TalentOS dashboard, select one or multiple candidates to export. From the menu, simply select Export and then select Crelate,

To complete the export to Crelate, you can choose Add as a Contact or Add to a Job. All exports will be checked, using email addresses, for duplicates when being exported into Crelate. The export limit is 2,000.

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