Configuring Mobile Geofencing

How to configure Geofencing for Mobile Timekeeping

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Geofencing is a mobile timekeeping feature that enables companies to use a predefined geographic boundary around a worksite to assist employees in logging their time accurately. Admins can set up desired geofencing parameters on select worksites to lock down clocking in and out to specific locations, log worker geolocation data, and give employees and visual indicators if they enter time outside of their geofence. This feature will launch as a private BETA. If you are a customer who currently utilizes our Deliver module and want to use Geofencing, please reach out to your Crelate Representative to learn more about this exciting new feature.

Getting Started:

To get started, navigate to Settings | Global Settings and add your radius.

Note: This radius will be used on all placements that utilize Geofencing

Once your radius is added, you can now add Geofencing to new and existing Temp-Hire opportunities.

Note: Enabling geofencing on a job with draft time cards will result in an error and will block the ability to submit that timecard.

Default Geofence Template Meanings:

  1. Off- Selecting "Off" will disable Geofencing

  2. Warning- Selecting "Warning" will enable Geofencing

Employee View:

If an employee attempts to submit time manually, outside of the Geofence, or on a Desktop, they will receive a warning and will be prompted to add a note.

Connector Mobile View:

Employee Center View:

Approving Time Manually or Outside of a Geofence:

When an employee adds time manually, outside of a Geofence, or on a Desktop, the time will automatically be flagged and you have the ability to view the violation and note before approving.

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