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Learn more about what is included in Crelate's Early Adopter Sequencing Playbook Feature

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With our Early Adopter Program, we're unlocking the ability to establish sequences to connect with contacts to maximize outreach engagement. We are currently accepting customers into our Early Adopter Program. To learn more, please connect with our support team for more information.

Your recruiting process and recruiter training doesn’t stop with “you should probably do…” You need a way to bring your whiteboard processes to life with the right nudge, to the right person, at the right time.

Sequencing is a foundational feature for the next generation of Crelate Recruit, and works like a recruiter augmentation toolset. Giving operations leaders and recruiters the tools to template their process down to the individual task reminder from call, to email, to text, and measure effectiveness on the front-lines.

What's Next?

Looking for even more on our July release? Look no further than our full Product Release Notes!

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