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The Crelate Academy is designed to help users navigate and learn to use our system for optimal performance in recruiting.

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The Crelate Academy is a two-part course that is designed to help users and administrators learn the system. Crelate Academy User Essentials will help users learn the best practices for Crelate and the recruiting industry. Crelate Academy Admin Essentials is for users with configuration and administrative permissions. Also for those who are part of the company's decision-making for process change.

Crelate Academy User Essentials

This course is split into nine sections that will help users get started with using our system and on the path to begin recruiting. Users will learn how to configure their external connections along with creating records. This section also covers how to use activities, workflows, and our amazing search capabilities.

  • Welcome to Crelate

  • Make Crelate Your Own

  • Creating Records

  • Search

  • Email Basics

  • Using Activities

  • Using Workflows

  • Configuring Views

  • Reports

Crelate Academy Admin Essentials

This part of the course is for users with configuration and administrative permissions. Admins will learn how to setup users and grant the appropriate user access. This course will also discuss customization and managing data.

  • Setting Up and Managing Users

  • Org Level Setup

  • Configure your records

  • Managing Data Quality

  • Configure Activities

  • Managing Workflows

  • Managing Templates

  • Job Portal

  • Managing Campaigns

  • Setting Up Your Client Portal

  • Reports

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