If you post jobs to Indeed and would like your customers to use the Indeed Apply option, this article will be helpful to you!

The first step is to ensure you have Enabled Your Job Boards. From there, you will want to ensure that you have opted into the organic feed to Indeed. Below you will see where to accomplish that:

Once these steps are complete, you can begin publishing jobs. Published jobs will appear in your Crelate Job portal and on any integrated website with an orange Indeed Apply option as shown below.

**Of Note**

  • Our newer V2 portal option does not support Indeed Apply. To utilize this feature you will need to use the original V1 portal option.

  • If you have followed these steps and do not see the Indeed Apply button on your portal, this is likely due to an application form. Indeed Apply cannot be supported when custom application forms are attached to an opportunity.

If you wish to sponsor jobs to guarantee they are posted to the Indeed Job Board, please refer to THIS resource for more information.


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