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Crelate and hireEZ's partnership offers a deep two-way integration designed to help users surface candidate profiles to Crelate with AI-powered filters. hireEZ is one of our earliest integrations that is easy to connect, abundant with smart filter offerings, and synchronous with candidate and user activities from both platforms.

This article will cover:

Enabling your API Key

To start, select your navigation menu and select Your Profile & Preferences

Next, navigate to API Access

Configure Crelate integration on hireEZ

As an Admin user, you'll be able to configure your ATS by clicking on the All Integrations tab on the left and find Crelate from the ATS/CRM list.

If you also have an Enterprise team member license, you can configure it in hireEZ Apps by clicking here and follow the same instruction below.

In either case, click the Connect button on the ATS card and you will see a pop-up window to input Crelate API Key. You will receive both in-app and email notifications when you have successfully connected to Crelate.

Exporting Candidates from hireEZ to Crelate

After you've found qualified candidates in hireEZ, you can easily export them into Crelate. Go to a project and click Pipeline, select your candidates, and click Export. >>>START HERE>>>Then, follow the instructions on the screen to select the candidate application type and job of your exports.

Click on the ‘Export candidates’ button to export your candidate profiles to the Crelate system.

  • You will receive both in-app and email notifications when the export is completed.

Once you've successfully exported the candidates, you can click the Crelate icon on the candidate's hireEZ profile to redirect to their Crelate profile, which has been enriched with new information from hireEZ. Additionally, in Crelate, you'll even be able to see the hireEZ resume and source of the candidate.

Rediscovering Candidates from Crelate with hireEZ

On the main hireEZ AI Sourcing page, you'll be able to source candidates from both the open web and your ATS, or just your ATS. For ATS Jobs and ATS Stages filter options, please contact Crelate so we can work together to make it happen.

Analyzing Integration Performance (Admin)

As the hireEZ admin user, you'll have access to eye-opening statistics into your hireEZ-ATS integration. Go to the Dashboard under the Admin Console > Talent Data Cloud to see rediscovery metrics, diversity breakdown of your ATS candidates, top companies of your ATS candidates, and more! You may click on any part of the charts to view candidates under the category.

What's Next?

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